Where is French Spoken?

French has made its way to the official language of many countries. It is an official language in 33 countries and is widely spoken by half or more than half of its  in 43 countries. The countries I will state are actually in the French language because thats how they call their country if they were French. The following is where French is widely spoken:

In Africa, French is spoken in: Le Benin, Le Burkina Faso, L’Algerie, Le Burundi, Le Cameroun, Les Comores, La Republique Centrafricaine, La Republique du Congo, LA Republique Democratique du Congo, La Cote d’Ivoire, Le Gabon, La Guinee, Djibouti, Madagascar, Le Mali, La Guinee Equatoriale, L’ile Maurice, La Mauritaanie, Le Niger, Le Maroe, Les Seychelles, Le Tchad, La Reunion, Le Rwanda, Le Senegal, Le Togo, and La Tunisie.

In North America, French is spoken in: La Guadeloupe, La Guyane francaise, Haiti, La province de Quebec, La MArtinique, and Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon.

In Europe, French is spoken in: La principaute d’Andorre, La Belgique, La France, Le frand-duche de Luxembourg, La principaute de Monaco, and La Suisse.

In Asia, French is spoken in: La Nouvelle-Caledonie, Vannatu, La Polynesie francaise, and Wallis-et-Futuna.

In all, 128 million people in the world speak French fluently.


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